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March 19th, 2008

Added another two tour dates for The Beatnuts. This time they are in Australia in mid to late April. You can check out more details in the tour dates section.

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February 25th, 2008

I\'ve added 3 new tour dates for Germany that take place in March. You can check out more info in the tour dates section.

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February 14th, 2008

Received another tour date today. The Beatnuts will be in Croatia at Club Aquarius on May 23rd, 2008. Check out the tour dates section for more information.

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February 12th, 2008

Added two new tour dates, there\'s one show in Chicago Friday March 14th 2008 at Subterranean. The other show is in the Netherlands on May 14th, 2008 at WaterFront. Check out the tour dates section for more information.

I also missed a few tour dates last week in Colorado. If you know of any future dates make sure to contact me.

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January 11th, 2008

I\'ve added another tour date for May 1st, 2008. The Beatnuts will be playing in Zürich, Germany at Toni Molkerei. Keep an eye out for more dates to come. Also if you are aware of any tour dates or other Beatnuts related news, drop me an email via the contact form, so I can get it up on the site.

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December 17th, 2007

Jerry Tineo(JuJu) was taken into custody Friday in Stockholm for an alleged minor assault charge. Apparently a minor fight broke out back stage. The other individual involved was somehow connected to the Beatnuts.

Props goes out to the person who sent me the heads up email.

Source: The Local

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December 6th, 2007

Added two more tour dates in Sweden, and one in Rome thanks to a heads up email. Check them out in the Tour Dates section.

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December 4th, 2007

Added another Beatnuts tour date. They will be in Oslo, Norway on Friday December 14th, 2007 at Rĺ Nattklubb. Check out the Tour Dates section for more information.

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November 20th, 2007

Ive added a new feature to the site search. You can now filter your search results down by category. You can choose to view all results, information results, song database results, news results, or tour date results. As you can see, the site search now also searches all known tour dates as well. Enjoy.

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November 3rd, 2007


Two new tour dates to post. The first one is in Canada on Saturday, November 24th, it\'s Degree One & DJ Anger\'s Birfday Bash!(poster shown to the right). Read on for more info here.

The second tour date is a Big City event, aka Psycho Les, Al Tariq and Problemz in NYC, NY. Check out more info here.

If you have tour date information use the contact page to send it to me so I can post it on the site. Props to Degree One for sending me this info.

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October 6th, 2007

Added a new tour date for The Beatnuts. They will be playing for the first time ever in Athens, Greece at The Hall(Former \"Club Luv\") on October 20th, 2007. You can check out more information in the tour dates section.

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September 26th, 2007

I\'ve added a new Tour Date, this one in Paris, France at the Bus Palladium. Check out the Tour Dates section for this date and more.

In a recent interview, Julian from The Creators gives us some insight on The Beatnuts track, \"Rock Ya Shoulders\" on the upcoming album Heavyweight.

In the interview the track \"Hard Margin\", from the first LP Weight, comes up. He says:

The Beatnuts\' \"Rock Ya Shoulders\" is my new \"Hard Margin\", funky as hell, hard stabs, just bananas. You all gonna love this Beatnuts tune. It\'s what you\'ve been waiting for!
Look forward to the Heavyweight LP dropping October 23rd, 2007.

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September 5th, 2007


Psycho Les is featured on a new track from Kidda entitled \"V.I.P.\". This track was just released on wax in late August. You can check out a sample in the Beatnuts Song Database. I have yet to hear the entire track, but from the sample it sounds pretty good.

You can pick up the record online here. It includes your usual vocal/instrumental/acapella, and also a \"Beathoven Remix\".

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August 28th, 2007

I\'ve added a sample of The Beatnuts unreleased track \"Deesnuts\" off of the Original Joints album being released by Chinga Changa Records. You can check it out here.

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August 27th, 2007

I\'ve \"removed\" the Media section. Now instead of downloading samples from the Media section, all samples will be placed in the Song Database. All tracks that have a downlodable sample will have a link in the table called \"Sample\", otherwise it will say \"No Sample\". You can click on the Sample link on the top of the table in the Song Database in order to sort the results by those containing a sample.

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August 24th, 2007


The Beatnuts will be featured on a track entitled \"Rock Ya Shoulders\" on the next Recordkingz album. The album will be entitled Heavyweights and is dropping on October 23rd, 2007. You can pre-order it at UndergroundHipHop.com

Also added a new tour date for the west coast. Takes place on Labor Day Weekend. Check out the Tour Dates section for more information.

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August 9th, 2007

I finally got around to adding a Tour Dates section for concerts. However, currently I can\'t find any new dates. If you happen to know of any Beatnuts tour dates make sure to contact me and let me know, so I can post them on the site.

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July 31st, 2007

Just found out that the uploading of photos in the Photos section wasn\'t working. Fixed that. I\'ve also added 40 pictures from Dour Festival 2007. You can check them out in the Concerts section of Photos.

I\'m still working on the Tour Dates section, however, there currently aren\'t any tour dates to post. If you know of any use the Contact section and hit me up.

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June 26th, 2007

The Beatnuts will be playing at The Foundation Nightclub in Minneapolis along with Greg NICE, and SP Style. The show takes place July 26th, doors opening at 10pm for 18+ only. You can pre-order tickets at VitalVinyl.com

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June 15th, 2007

I\'ve got another July tour date to post. The Beatnuts will be on stage with Parallel at the Rythm Lounge in Long Beach, California. The show begins at 8pm and runs till 2am. You can gather more information at Parallel\'s website.

Thanks to a heads up via email I\'ve added the music video for Big City\'s track Boy off of their debut album \"The City Never Sleeps\". You can view it in the Videos Section.

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June 11th, 2007

I've got two new tour dates to post for the west coast. The Beatnuts will be playing at Cane's Bar and Grill in San Diego on July 18th, 2007. The show starts at 8pm and tickets are $15 a pop. You can find more information at Cane's website.

The other date is at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. The Beatnuts will be playing there July 19th at 8pm. You can get more info at The Knitting Factory website.

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June 7th, 2007

Commenting on news and tracks in the song database has been turned back on.

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May 31st, 2007


Thanks to a heads up via email, I\'ve got some information for everyone regarding Big City\'s Debut release. For those who forgot, Big City consists of Psycho Les, Al Tariq, and Problemz. The album is dropping June 5th, 2007, on Nature Sounds Records so make sure to pick it up.

Those interested in pre-ordering it can pick it up at UndergroundHipHop.com

The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Flava Flav Intro 00:52
  2. Boy 03:01
  3. Stickem Up (feat. Greg Nice) 03:29
  4. DJ Famalam (feat. Sean Boston) 04:01
  5. Milf (Miss Juice Goose) 04:27
  6. Chedda (feat. Raze) 03:31
  7. Running Around 02:31
  8. However It Go 03:59
  9. Lick Balls (feat. Redda, L.A., Super Supreme & Opti) 04:45
  10. I Hear Ya 04:09
  11. Jump On It (feat. Salena Dabbs) 04:10
  12. Disgustin\' (Eloh$Dolla) 02:33
  13. Big City 03:58

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May 21st, 2007

Busy travelling, so don\'t have much time to work on the site. With that being said I\'m going to be disabling the comments for the time being. When I do get time to work on the site I have to weed through and delete roughly 50 spam comments a day. So until I come up with a better solution commenting will be disabled.

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May 5th, 2007

Finally got around to adding the lyrics to the track \"Find Us\" off of the Milk Me album.

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April 28th, 2007

Looks like The Beatnuts will be performing on Stage at the Dour Festival in Belgium. From the website roughly translated:

Dour Festival is the biggest musical event in the French speaking side of Belgium. The team is always on the look-out for new bands and new sounds Dour Festival, is first and foremost an alternative music festival, independent and with the lowest possible ticket price but it is also based on discovering new music and artists, tolerance and the love of a good party! The festival site gathers 6 stages, each with their own sounds and genres. Music starts to resonate on the site from 11am and doesn\'t stop until 5am the next morning.

The Dour Festival begins Thursday, July 12th and ends Sunday, July 15th 2007. Looking at the schedule on the home page The Beatnuts will be performing on Saturday July 14th, 2007.

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April 4th, 2007

\"Psycho About a week late, but Psycho Les\'s solo joint, Psychotherapy has finally dropped in the US. It was released on March 23rd, 2007, and actually includes 4 tracks that the Japanese version did not include. The tracklisting:

  1. Intro
  2. The Man
  3. Oh My! Oh My! feat. Jack (of Psycho Realm), Sonny (of P.O.D.)
  4. Feel It Baby feat. K-Solo, Black Attack
  5. Sho Me Thoze!
  6. My Music Is Crack feat. Triple Seis
  7. Party Right Here (It\'s Going Down) feat. G-Wise
  8. Drums Interlude
  9. Unstoppable feat. Willie Stubs. Goblin
  10. Bright Lights feat. Columbo
  11. Smoke Mad La
  12. Grandma\'s Sandwiches
  13. Bounce 4 Me
  14. I Know Where You At feat. DJ Honda
  15. Big Psych!
  16. Supa Soul
  17. Keepn\' It Gangsta
  18. Get Paid Get Paper

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February 23rd, 2007


I have a few news items to post today. First of all you will be able to hear a never released Beatnuts track in March this year. CEO of Chinga Chang Records plans to release a compilation entitled \"Official Joints\" on June 5th, 2007. This compilation features a host of artists including: Masta Ace, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, J Live, Big Pun, Non Phixion, Bamboo and more. You can view larger images of the front and back covers at the end of this post

In other news Junkyard Juju has an official Myspace page up where you can sample two tracks, \"Rock the Bells\", and \"Barbie\'s Cosmic Orgy\". Psycho Les is also supposedly working with Ill Bill on his new solo joint \"The Hour of Reprisal\". It\'s also been confirmed that Les and Juju and working on a new Beatnuts album to be released at a future date. Thanks to Silent Jay for some of this info.

Large Front Cover | Large Back Cover

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January 23rd, 2007

\"Natural Psycho Les, Al Tariq, and Problemz are featured on a new track \"Chedda\", off of the new Natural Selection 2.0 album. The track is very nicely done and grabbing this album is a must. You can purchase the album off of the Nature Sounds website. Originally this was only a digital release on itunes and others, but because of demand they have made a limited amount of prints(500). Once they sell out, you\'re only option is to download it somewhere, so it\'s worth checking out. Psycho Les also has a bonus beat on the album. Curiously enough, the beat is to the track \"Stick em\' Up\", which Psycho Les, Al Tariq, and Problemz had done on Natural Selection Volume 1.

From the website:

This exclusive compilation features new/exclusive joints from Pete Rock, D-Block, The Wu-Tang Clan, MF DOOM, Talib Kweli, R.A. the Rugged Man, Hell Razah, DJ Babu, Little Brother and many more.
You can download a sample mp3 in the Media section.

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January 16th, 2007

Received an email, containing a link to a blog post that was actually an interesting read about The Beatnuts and their past productions. This post contains many links to download-able mp3s and links to many music videos on youtube. You can check it out here.

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January 4th, 2007

Got another tour date to post for next week in Colorado. The Beatnuts will be playing at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom on Tuesday, January 9th at 9pm. The tickets are $15.00(21+ only). You can get more information and buy tickets by visiting their website or calling 303.297.1772

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December 22nd, 2006

I\'ve got 3 US tour dates to post for the beginning of 2007.

The Colorado Daily and 1190 Basementalism Present...
The Beatnuts with Boostwell

Location: Fox Theater, Boulder, Colorado
Date: Wednesday, January 10th, 2007
Time: Doors Open at 8:30pm, Show starts at 9:00pm
Tickets: $15.00, open to all ages. Available online here.

The Beatnuts plus Treologic
Location: Club 8150, Vail, Colorado
Date: Thursday, January 11th, 2007
Time: 9:00pm
Tickets: $13 purchased in advance, $15 at the door. 21+ only. You can pick up tickets and see more details here.

The Beatnuts and more TBA
Location: Sonar, Balitmore, Maryland
Date: Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
Time: Doors Open at 8pm
Tickets: $15.00, open to all ages. Tickets can be purchased here and more info is available at Sonar\'s website.

In other news, i\'ve added the ability to post / read comments on all news posts. Just click on the Post a Comment link to leave a comment, or if comments exist then click on the Comments link for that news article.

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December 10th, 2006

Those of you in the UK will be able check out the Beatnuts February 15th, 2007 at The Faversham in Leeds. You can pick up tickets here.

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December 6th, 2006

The Videos Section is now up again, with even more videos than before. Included in the new videos is the music video \"Sho Me Thoze\" from Psycho Les\'s solo joint, Psychotherapy.

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December 5th, 2006

The Photos section is back up and running again. Almost all of the photos have been restored. If you have more upload \'em! The Videos section will be up again tomorrow evening.

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November 30th, 2006

The site is officially back up and online. Some of the sections still need to be worked on..videos,photos..because I lost all of the code for those sections

If you run into any problems with the site(which is bound to happen) please email me through the Contact form, and let me know where it happened, because I am sure I missed some things while reviving the website.

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November 16th, 2006

I picked up a copy of Psycho Les's mixtape from psychopitfight. Here is the official track list:

  1. Keep the Fire Burning Intro - 1:25
  2. Can't Stop the Reign - 1:55
  3. Keeping it Gangsta Psycholes/Chris Chandler - 3:33
  4. Bright Lights Psycholes/Columbo - 3:09
  5. Bright Lights Problemz - 1:15
  6. Count Down - 0:19
  7. Find Us (Psycho Remix) - 3:02
  8. Stick 'em Up Bigcity - 3:31
  9. Handz up in the Air Psycholes/Tony Touch - 2:46
  10. Ay Ya Yi Beatnuts/Tony Touch - 3:12
  11. Oh My God (Psycho Remix) - 3:28
  12. El Pito Beatnuts/Voltio - 4:38
  13. Bounce 4 Me - 2:09
  14. Get Lost Bigcity - 4:34
  15. The Man - 2:57
  16. Who the Trifest - 2:36
  17. Get Paid Get Paper - 1:46
  18. Leche - 2:17
  19. Give it 2 Me - 1:56
  20. Boy! - 3:03
  21. Ah Huh Psycho Remix - 3:33
  22. Disco Nights Bigcity - 3:40
  23. No Escanin' This Undefeated - 2:49
  24. No Escapin' This 2 - 1:01
  25. Psycho Verse - 1:11
  26. Score! Psycholes/E Swinga - 1:23
  27. Leave 'em in the Dirt Psycholes/E Swinga - 2:35
  28. Shake it Up Beatnuts/Stanton Warriors - 2:37
  29. Outro - 1:02

Click here for an inside cover scan.

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November 3rd, 2006

Beatnuts mixtape - Keep the Fire Burning

It appears as though DaFace was correct. By checking on Psycho Les's Myspace he has a photo saying Big City coming soon... In the store you can also purchase a track by Big City featuring Greg N.I.C.E called Stick Em Up for a mere dollar. This track can also be found on the Natural Selection compilation.

You can also buy several other tracks in the music section. The track Pito is a spanish rap by The Beatnuts and featuring Voltio. There's also a Psycho Les track featuring Gob Goblin entitled, Super Soul. Finally there is a mixtape you can pick up called Keep the Fire Burning. The description is as follows: "Beatnuts exclusives never heard before joints, Psycho remixes and much more future fire". Click on the image to the left for a larger view. Be sure to check out these tracks/mixes at PsychoPitFight.com.

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October 13th, 2006

Thanks to an online visitor, I have some possible news concerning The Beatnuts. Apparently Psycho les, Al tariq, and Problemz are forming a hip hop group called Big City. This isn't 100% confirmed, but I will keep you posted.

Source: Daface

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October 6th, 2006

The Advanced Search is up again. Here you can search more particuarlly for what you are looking for. If you get too many results with the site search, give the advanced search a try.

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October 5th, 2006

It appears Psycho Pit Fight has been updated and you can now purchase Psycho Les's Psychotherapy album directly from the website for a mere $13.99. So get over there now and pick up Psycho Les's hot new solo joint.

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September 16th, 2006

To try and help all of you out there, waiting for Psychotherapy's release date, i've added an mp3 sample of a track off his album. The track is a 50 second sample of "The Man". It's one of my favorite tracks off the album, so take a listen and enjoy. The clip can be found in the Media Section.

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September 14th, 2006

Thanks to a visitor dropping me an email last week, I have some new information on a Beatnuts track. The track is entitled Ayayay and it features Tony Touch. XXL Mag states this track is coming from a forthcoming Beatnuts album. I'm not sure if that means a collaboration album, or the Beatnuts next new album. Regardless, give the track a listen here, and then don't forget to leave your comments on the track in the Song Database.

Source: XXLMag

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September 13th, 2006

Psycho Les - Psychotherapy CD

Day 2 of the Psychotherapy updates. I've posted photos of all the cd art; including the inside folds, front, back, and cd. They can be viewed in the Photos section, under Album Cover Art.

As you will notice there are some japanese characters on the covers, because like I had posted earlier, this cd was dropped in Japan first. I still have no word on the Europe and US release dates, but it should be sometime soon, deffinetly before the end of the year. Until the time it is released in those areas, i'll be posting more information on the album to keep you interested in Psychotherapy.

Stay tuned for more items tomorrow...

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September 12th, 2006

This is a good week for Beatnuts Fans. For the next 3 days I will be posting new exclusive news and content concerning Psycho Les's Solo Joint, Psychotherapy. The first tidbit of information is the tracklisting that you saw here first. It goes as follows:

  1. Intro
  2. The Man
  3. Oh my! Oh my! Feat. Jack of Psycho Ream & Sonny of p.o.d
  4. Feel it Baby Feat. K-solo & Black Attack
  5. Sho me Thoze!
  6. My Music is Crack Feat. Triple Seis
  7. Party Rite Here(It's Going Down) Feat. G-wise
  8. Drums Interlude
  9. Unstoppable Feat Goblin & Willie Stubs
  10. Bright Lights Feat. Columbo
  11. Smoke Mad La
  12. Granda's Sandwiches
  13. Bounce 4 Me
  14. I Know Where you at Feat DJ Honda

Added this information to the discography section too. More info coming this week. Stay tuned...

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September 3rd, 2006

I've been making improvements in various areas of the website, so if a section isn't working, it won't be long before it does.

I have also had to enable registered users only in the forums. Unfortunately people having been spamming the forums with porn, discounted software, and prescription drugs. So in order to use the forums now you will need to register.

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August 10th, 2006

I can't for sure, say this is a legitimate date, but looking at one of the comments on Psycho Les's Myspace account his solo album may be dropping shortly. It states Psycho's solo "Psycho Therapy" will be dropping on August 28th, 2006 in Japan. What does this mean for us in the States and elsewhere? I have no idea. Again, this isn't confirmed, but I will keep you posted on this release date.

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August 4th, 2006

Thanks to a post in the forums i've stumbled upon the offical Beatnuts Myspace Page. It has some interesting information on it. Most notably they finally have some where, where they are listing tour dates. It appears this August the Beatnuts will be on tour in Slovakia, Switzerland, and Spain. And while this may be presumptious, it appears The Beatnuts have another album slated for a 2007 release date. This is very good news, too bad it's not until next year...

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July 31st, 2006

Site Search is partly up and working again. Site search will only search through lyrics, information, and news. The rest of the search functionality will be up later this week. I have removed the advanced search from the menu until I have time to make changes to it.

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July 28th, 2006

ATTENTION: Search will be down for a few days as I make changes to the database.

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July 11th, 2006

I've stumbled across some West Coast tour dates for The Beatnuts in August 2006. They will be performing again in San Fransisco at The Red Devil Lounge Thursday, August 3rd at 8pm, and Friday, August 4th at 8:30pm. They will then be on stage at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood on Saturday, August 5th at 8:30pm. And the final date is at the Normandie Casino in Gardena, California. They will be performing Sunday, August 6th, at 8:30pm. You can purchase any of these tickets at Ticketmaster.

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June 23rd, 2006

I have finally completed the new Photos section of the website. I've spent a great deal of time working and testing this section and it is finally coming out of beta. Anyone can upload their own personal photos from Beatnuts Concerts or other events to the photo gallery. There are about 35 pictures in the various galleries, and I still have about 50 more to add through the course of this week. I will also be adding more categories for photo galleries, but if you have a picture that doesn't fit in one of the existing galleries email me. I encourage you to upload your own photos so these galleries can grow even larger. Be sure to also report any problems you find(if any...crossing fingers).

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May 25th, 2006

I've updated the site search to search the song database too. I will also, in the future, be adding the ability to search comments left on tracks, and narrow your search even more by using more advanced search methods. I've also added the "Find Us" music video to the Videos section.

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May 15th, 2006

I've added a new section to the website called Videos. Here you can watch Beatnuts music videos and rate them. There will be more videos in the future, as well as yet another section I am working on. Enjoy.

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May 13th, 2006

Pyscho Les's new single Sho Me Thoze

After browsing the Pit Fight Productions, and reading the post in the forums. I got to listen to some of the new tracks Psycho Les has been working on, and I am impressed. Psycho Therapy(which is dropping later this year) should be good. The artwork for Psycho Therapy can be viewed at his website as well. You can also listen to 3 of his new tracks("Show Me Thoze"(single off the new album), "Peace Sonn", and "How Many Times") and download one of them("Bright Lites"). Psycho Les's myspace can be found at http://www.myspace.com/psycholes. Click on the image on the left for a larger image.

A new section is in the works and will be put live in 1-2 months. I have been hard at work and believe this will be a popular section, as it appears to be requested often. Stay tuned for more news.

Psycho Les Pit Fight Productions

Also thanks to some posts in the forums the link to a site was posted for Pitfight Productions. Check it out, it gives a little info on Psycho Les's new work, "Psycho Therapy". There is also a store section where you can purchase Beatnuts and Pitfight merchandise. More info to come soon.

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April 21st, 2006

The website will be down beginning late Sunday, April 23rd . I have switched hosting providers, and it may take up to 48 hours for the nameservers to propagate. So at the latest the website will be up on Tuesday, April 25th, but hopefully it will be up early Monday.

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March 11th, 2006

The new design has been put up. There still may be some errors or pages that don't load, they will be taken care of shortly. If you notice anything not working fell free to email me.

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March 8th, 2006

Hopefully by the end of the week I will have a brand new design made for the website. I've only had the current design for about 9 months, but it's time to move on to something more professional looking. Be on the look out later this week.

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February 10th, 2006

Added the lyrics to Originate off of The Originators. Also added the alternate lyrics to No Escapin' This off of Classic Nuts. You can check them out in the Lyrics section.

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February 4th, 2006

I've added the lyrics to the track, Buggin' featuring Prince Whipper Whip off of Milk Me. You can check them out in the lyrics section.

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December 23rd, 2005

I've removed the google search found below the navigation and replaced it with a fully functional site search. With this you will be able to search the entire website including news, articles, lyrics, etc. If you are looking for something in a specific section use the advanced search found under the Search section of the website.

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December 22nd, 2005

Thanks to some help in the forums I have two tour dates to post for the Beatnuts in Febraury of next year.

Red Devil Club The Beatnuts will be playing at The Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco on Sunday, February 12 at 8:00 PM. Tickets are $18.00 and can be purchased at the Red Devil Lounge Website or at Ticketmaster
The Beatnuts will also be playing at the Normandie Casino in Gardena, California on Friday, February 10th, 2006 at 8:00PM. Tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster. More information can be found at the Normandie Casino Website. Normandie Casino
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December 15th, 2005

You can now search the news of the site in the search section. I also enhanced the search to show 5 or 6 words before and after your keyword. Make sure to take advantage of it. Eventually I will be adding the ability to search the interviews and finally the entire site.

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December 6th, 2005

I've added a new section to the website called Search. Right now you can only search the lyrics, but eventually you will be able to search the interviews and news. Keep an eye out for more coming soon.

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November 28th, 2005

Poison Pen Album Cover Art The Beatnuts will be featured on Chino XL's 3rd album entitled Poisen Pen. The track is titled "Don´t Fail Me Now". This album will drop this upcoming January 26th, 2006.
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October 27th, 2005

I have dropped the forums I was using and instead installed new forums. I was able to customize these to look more like the website. Anyone who had signed up will need to re-register, however you don't have to signup to post...as of now. Enjoy! They are located at http://www.danuts.com/forum or by clicking on the forums link in the navigation.

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October 22nd, 2005

If the person who posted the sucker punch track in the song archive from the sucker punch dvd could email me I would appreciate it.

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October 20th, 2005

By popular demand I've finally got around to adding the lyrics to "Hot" off of Milk Me. You can check it out in the Lyrics section of the website.

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September 22nd, 2005

The Beatnuts will be Performing at Jaxx Nightclub in West Springfield, VA on Friday, October 7th for a Hurricane Katrina benefit concert. Other artists there will be Jedi Mind Tricks, Copywrite, Pumpkinhead, Remedy from Wu Tang Family with JoJo Pellagrino, PackFM, Empuls with K Fif and Red Mud, Educated Consumers, T.E.C.K on the 1's and 2's. The concert is open to all ages, begins at 7:30pm and tickets are $15. You can learn more by visiting the Jaxx Nightclub website.

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September 9th, 2005

There is a new feature for the Song Archive section of the website. Now when you view the songs you can click on the track name and it will take you to the comments page for that track. Here you can read the comments left by others or leave your own.

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September 6th, 2005

I've added the lyrics to the track "It's Nothing" off of the Milk Me album. Thanks to Eric T. for the submission. Also the Forums are back up and running again.

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August 29th, 2005

I've added a sample clip from Psycho Les's "Music for the Soul Volume 1". You can download the sample in the Media section. Head out to your local shop and pick up a copy today. Also the forums will be down for an undetermined amount of time. I'll let you know when they are back up and running.

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August 25th, 2005

I've been doing a lot of work on the Song Archive section. I've now added the ability to search by artist, track title, or release year. I've also limited the number of results to 10 per page, so you don't have to scroll forever. I've been pleased with the feedback that the new section has been receiving. There are now almost 40 entries in the database. Continue to keep adding tracks to the database. For those who haven't seen it yet check it out here. Also the website will be down Sunday, August 28th sometime between 5 am - 8 am EST for server maintenance, sorry for any inconvenience.

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August 22nd, 2005

I've added a brand new section to the website. It is the Song Archive, which I hope will grow very large as time goes on. Here you can submit tracks the Beatnuts produced, were featured in, or released not on an album. You can view the entire list and arrange it any way you like. The list displays the artist name, track title, what involvement the Beatnuts had in the song, and optionally the release year, album name, and cover art. Be sure to check it out.

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August 19th, 2005

I'm currently working on a section on the website that will try to include all of the works by The Beatnuts, whether it was a single not on an album, they were featured on a track, or they produced a track. This is a large task, so I will be needing your help. Within the next week I will add a new section to the website where you can submit tracks via a form. I'm currently testing the database now. Once it is up you will be able to add tracks, view them all, or search by different criteria. However first it needs to be populated. So hopefully with your help we can have the most comprehensive listing of The Beatnuts work anywhere on the web. I'll keep you posted.

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August 18th, 2005

Psycho Les has released a mix album this month with 16 sets of soul breaks. The album is entitled Psycho Les of the Beatnuts Presents Music For The Soul Volume 1. Pick it up at your local shop or online at Underground Hip Hop Dot Com or Sandbox Automatic. Psycho Les of the Beatnuts Presents Music For The Soul Volume 1
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August 12th, 2005

I added a sample mp3 of The Beatnuts on Tony Touch's new album, "Reggaetony". The track is entitled, "Sofrito Mama", you can download the 50 second clip in the Media section of the webpage. Listen, enjoy and buy yourself the album.

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August 11th, 2005

Rob Swift War Games featuring Psycho Les Stay on the look out for Rob Swift's new Album/DVD "War Games" due out September 6, 2005. War Games will feature Psycho Les, The Large Professor, Breez Evaflowin, Akinyele, Melo D, Toadstyle, Ricci Rucker, DJ Quest, Bob James, Dave McMurray, Prints Haze and Anthony Saffery.
Click on the image above for a larger picture.
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August 10th, 2005

Some more news that's about a month old. Tony Touch has released ,"The Reggaetony Album". This album features collaborations with Tego CalderĂłn, The Beatnuts, Zion & Lenox, Pitbull, NORE and others. The album is a mixture of Hip Hop, ReggaetĂłn, and Salsa. A treat indeed is that the Beatnuts are on the track Sofrito with D'mingo and rap in Spanish. I will also add a sample mp3 of this clip in the next few days. Tony Touch Reggaetony featuring The Beatnuts
Click on the image above for a larger picture.
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August 9th, 2005

Cunninlynguists Sloppy Seconds Volume 2 featuring The Beatnuts I know this isn't super fresh information but I never followed up on the release of this album. Cunninlynguists newest release Sloppy Seconds Volume 2 was released on June 15th, 2005 and features not only The Beatnuts, but Cashmere the Pro, Celph Titled, Masta Ace, Mr. SOS, Tonedeff and Trek Life. The Beatnuts clip however is only a 1 minute sample of what's coming on the soon to be released Knomercy: The Difference Volume 2. Within the next day i'll put up a sample mp3 clip of The Beatnuts track on the album, "Wachugondo?".
Click on the image for a larger picture.
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August 4th, 2005

The new domain is up now and fully working. The new permanent address for this website is either www.danuts.com or www.danuts.talkhost.info. So make sure to update your bookmarks. If you visit the old domain at www.angelfire.com/hiphop2/thebeatnuts you will be automatically redirected here. I switched domains to get rid of the ugly ads on the top and bottom of the page. Here I can also do many new things. I have a skin change option where you can change the "skin" of the website to one of the available options, if you don't like the orange. I've also added google search.

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July 18th, 2005

Big props go out to Big Rude Awakening of the forums for finding this new tour date for the Beatnuts. The Beatnuts will be at a free concert in New York, Tuesday, August 9th for those who can make it. The FREE event will be held at Highbridge Park, 173rd & Amsterdam Ave, Washington Heights.

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July 8th, 2005

I am sure you have noticed the site has changed yet again...although not as drastic this time. I've been constantly working on the site to make it more efficient and conform to W3 standards, and to aid those with disabilities. After some work, I believe this more "compact" design is much more appealing, and flows together much better. The website can now be properly viewed in 800X600 which was a problem with the former design. Let me know what you think of the design by posting in the forums or participating in the survey located on the left hand side of the site. Just for sh*ts and giggles here you can visit what the site looked like back in 2001, lol. After looking at it, you will see just how much the site has evolved, since "Back in the day" ---> The Old Site

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July 7th, 2005

The Beatnuts will be on stage live at the 2005 Sundance Music Festival in Tallinn, Estonia at Tallinna Lauluväljak. The event will host all styles of club and dance music with about 300 artists from all over the world over 10 stages. The Nuts will be performing Saturday July 16th, 2005 at the Urbania Arena from 24:00 - 1:00. Tickets: presale for 2 days (first day in Tallinn Centrum is FREE) 150 Estonian Crowns (~10 EUR), 1 day tickets at gate 100 Estonian Crowns (~6,5 EUR).
Source: Sundance Music Festival

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June 23rd, 2005

I´ve added a brand new interview to the information section. This interview was posted June 16th, 2005. In the interview JuJu is asked some questions about their current tour, hiphop scene, and new productions. Check it out in the Information section of the website.
Source: LeftLion Nottingham
Psycho Les and JuJu of the Beatnuts
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June 10th, 2005

I have added a new section to the website. The Downloads link which previously didn’t work, now takes you to the Downloads section of the site. Here you can download wallpapers and screensavers, or even submit your own. Currently there are 3 wallpapers available.

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June 8th, 2005

I added another interview in the information section of the website. This interview isn´t new, it´s from Soundslam.com and is about their latest album, "Milk Me". It is available for your reading pleasure. Also the website´s new facelift is finally completed. Enjoy the refreshing new look and easier navigation.

Also not too new but in case you didn´t know, "BET hasn´t made a lot of friends lately and now probably has made a few more enemies by showing absolutely no love to veteran groups De La Soul and The Beatnuts. The network has yet to show videos from either group even though they have released albums in the past few months. De La Soul´s "Shopping Bags" (from the critically acclaimed The Grind Date) has received spins on MTV but sources say BET told De La that the legendary group isn´t relevant to their audience. The Beatnuts "Find Us" featuring Akon won´t get play either because the network "doesn´t break new artists." Funny because the duo´s past singles including "Off The Books" and "Watch Out Now" were all in heavy rotation in the past."

As for some more recent news, Kno part of the duo better known as CunninLynguists, is "working on Knomercy: The Difference Volume 2, a production album including appearances by Masta Ace, Jurassic 5, J-Live, The Beatnuts and others. The disc will be executive produced by Domingo, who produced the first volume of The Difference in 2002."
Source: HipHopDX.com

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May 24th, 2005

The site is 95% transformed to the new look. I think this layout flows much better and is cleaner and less confusing. Instead of the links taking you to a completely different page the navigation bar is always on the left and the section of the site you are in is always highlighted on the navigation bar, and is repeated down the right side. If anyone notices any issues with the site not looking properly please email me so I can make the proper changes. Been searching for some new news, especially concerning Psycho Les’s solo joint Psychotherapy, but no luck. I will keep you posted...if anyone finds any new info, tour dates, or interviews, feel free to email me with the updates.

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May 23rd, 2005

I accidentally overwrote the old site, and didn’t mean for the new one to be up so fast. I’m still working on the site design so if you notice funky things about the way the page looks, it’s because it’s not 100% completed yet. The homepage should be completed this week with the rest of the entire site to follow...Post in the forums and let me know what you think of the new layout/design.

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May 18th, 2005

Nothing to update on concerning the Beatnuts. However the website...maybe the entire site will be going through a redesign...for sure the homepage. The entire overhaul probably won’t be completed until midsummer to late summer. I’ll post screenshots of the progress.

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March 9th, 2005

beatnuts marquee I added a review of the Beatnuts concert in NY,NY. The concert was great. You can read all about it and check out pictures from the concert here.
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February 23rd, 2005

Unfortunately, I don’t have any new news. I will be attending the concert March 4th in NYC with the Legendary Big Daddy Kane and The Beatnuts, I’ll be sure to write up a review after the concert.

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January 12th, 2005

Three tour dates to post for The Beatnuts. The first two take place in Europe, more specially in Poland:
February 11th, 2005 - Warsaw
February 12th, 2005 - Wroclaw
For more information visit Here
March 4th, 2005 - NY, NY
Special Guests
DJ VLAD (2003 Mix Tape of the Year - Rap Phenomenon)
Host LORD SEAR (Shad 45/Sirius Radio)
Doors @ 10PM
All Tix $20.00
For more information click Here

I would like to thank those who emailed me with these tour dates.

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January 5th, 2005

Posted another interview, this one from artofrhyme.com. It isn´t brand new but within the last couple of months.
Read the entire interview in the Information section.

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January 1st, 2005

Happy New Years!

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December 15th, 2004

Added another interview from Synthesis.net. More information on the porn they are working on...
You got a porn coming out? You gotta tell me more, man.
Les: It´s in the works; you know like...

Read the entire interview in the Information section.

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December 9th, 2004

beatnuts concert pics The Beatnuts were in concert in Vancouver, Canada November 24th, 2004. I´ve added 4 pictures which you can view here. Thanks to Seko for sending me the pictures.
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November 17th, 2004

I added another interview from BallerStatus.net. It isn’t brand new(it’s from October 3rd, 2004), but has some interesting items in it. Check it out in the Information section. More to come soon...

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November 8th, 2004

Lack of updates, I know...added a new interview from ChartAttack.com to the Information section, check it out. The new forums are back up and can be viewed here( Everyone will have to re-register, sorry for the inconvenience). "Milk Me was also ranked 7th on the National Campus and Community radio Report for the month of October 2004.

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October 28th, 2004

A new tour date to post:

Where? 2BE Club Ziegelstr.23, 10117 Berlin, Germany
When? November 13th, 2004 at 11 p.m.
Who? Mainfloor: Beatnuts, DJ Rybixx und DJ Sestic; Lounge: Maxsta
The Beatnuts will be performing"Milk Me" live on stage. For more info check out: 2be-club.de

Source(German):98 8 KISS FM Radio
Source(English):Translated version 98 8 KISS FM Radio

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October 25th, 2004

Forums are down for an unknown amount of time.

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October 6th, 2004

Within the next week there should be yet another new forum. This will be more professional without all the pop-ups like the one that i’ve got now. Screenshots to come soon...

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September 14th, 2004

Milk Me has been out for two weeks now, which should have given you plenty of time to listen to the entire album. Now I need reviews to post on the site. Did you like the album, not like it, Beatnuts Fans want to know. Send your review to danuts@gmail.com.

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September 12th, 2004

The strictly limited edition of Milk Me can be found on sites like amazon.de. This can also be purchased on other sites, but it has to be imported. It contains one track that the US version doesn’t on the original cd, which is Nuts N Bass( Cartel Remix ), which was produce by DJ Craze. This track is a remix of We Don’t Give A Funk. It defiantly sounds like a club track. The bonus cd included contains the instrumentals to all of the tracks on the first cd. Track listing is as follows:
1) Hot (instrumental)
2) Buggin (instrumental)
3) It’s Nothing (instrumental)
4) Find Us(In The Back of the Club) (instrumental)
5) U Nomsayin (instrumental)
6) We Don’t Give A Funk (instrumental)
7) Confused Rappers (instrumental)
8) All Night (instrumental)
9) Madness (instrumental)
10) We Getting Paper (instrumental)
11) Uh Huh (instrumental)
12) Down (instrumental)
13) Freak Off (instrumental)
14) As*hole (instrumental)
As stated on the inside of the cd cover, "Psycho Les solo album Psycho Therapy coming soon". I will keep you updated on the release date and other info on this album. And for those who didn’t know The Official Beatnuts site is in the works and can be found at thebeatnuts.net.

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September 3rd, 2004

There is a new email address for the site it is: danuts@gmail.com.

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August 31st, 2004

Today is the day so many of us have been anticipating. The Beatnuts new album, Milk Me is finally released. Go out and buy your copy today. Also the limited edition second disk contains the instrumentals...more info to come.

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August 25th, 2004

milk me album
Beatnuts - milk me album back cover
Thanks to some help from Shadowboxer in the forums have the rear art cover too, click on either the front or rear album art, on the left, for a larger picture. Also by your vote added another Danuts.com exclusive preview of the track "Freak Off feat Chris Chandler" up for download. You can download it here or download it in the MEDIA section of the site. Enjoy and don't forget to pick up the Nuts new album "Milk Me" on August 31st is US and in Europe area amazon.de says August 30th...somebody email me if this is incorrect.
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August 24th, 2004

Seems there is also a limited edition Milk Me release. I can't find out much info about it, but it is a 2 disc release. And it appears that you can only get it imported here in the US, so if you want a copy preorder yours now! Also need a few more votes before I post the new track vote to the left.

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August 18th, 2004

Lots of updates. As stated in the forums, the Beatnuts new album Milk Me was leaked August 9th on to the internet. True fans don't forget to pick up the retail album on August 31st, if you already got a copy, enjoy it then buy it to support the Nuts on its release date. I've also updated the discography so that Milk Me is listed w/ tracks, guests and play times. I've added the lyrics to "Confused Rappers" from the Nuts new album to the lyrics section. Also I've created a Danuts.com exclusive sample from the Beatnuts new album. The 53 second sample is entitled, "Confused Rappers" and can be Downloaded Here, or in the Media section. Also one last bonus for Danuts.com web junkies, I will release one more sample from the Beatnuts new album next week, the catch is you the people have to vote for which track you would like to hear a sample from. The track with the most votes will be posted for download next week. Voting ends next week, so don't forget to vote!

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August 5th, 2004

I received an email stating that "Ju ju was in Corona (between 102 Street TO 99 Street) on Saturday filming their new video using the kids from the corona streets, and that Akon was there Sunday." The countdown has begun for the Beatnuts newest album coming out August 31st...

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July 19th, 2004

As "I WISH I COULD TELL YOU..." had posted in the forums back on April 1st, the Beatnuts did flip the classic Happy Days theme song on the track, "Find Us" featuring Akon. For those who hadn't heard the track check out the Penalty Recordings website, the link is in the linx section. Ever wonder what came about with the whole J.Lo incident? Nuts views on Bush and Kerry? Where the album title "Milk Me" came from? Well you can find out all of these answers and more...including some disturbing news in the new AllHipHop.com interview in the Information section. Or by going to the AllHipHop.com website. SUPPORT THE BEATNUTS AND BUY THEIR NEW ALBUM COMING OUT AUGUST 31ST!!

SOURCE: AllHipHop.com

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July 15th, 2004

US Tour Date<

When: Saturday July 24th, 2004
Where: Military Park in City Of Newark, NJ
What: Outdoor Concert and Em Cee Challenge & I.T.F Finals
How Much: FREE
Time: 1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Who: Tony Touch, Black Moon, Beatnuts, Masta Ace, Words Worth & Punchline, DJ Red Alert, Pumpkinhead, Psycho D, Casual, Domino, Encore feat Lady Bug Mecca and More...
Thanks to Rude Awakeningz for posting this info in the forums.

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June 30th, 2004

milk me A good deal of new news today. To the right you will see the raunchy cover art for the Nuts new album "Milk Me", the Beatnuts never fail to amuse me. Visit the Beatnuts record label website (Penalty Recordings) to listen to Penalty Radio. Penatly Radio plays in full two of the new tracks off of the Nuts new album, "Hot" feat Greg N.I.C.E, and "Find Us" feat Akon. The Beatnuts are also featured on 2 tracks on Tony Touch's new Mixtape, "Mixtape #77 - Rap Attack". Beatnuts feat AG - "It's Nothing", and Beatnuts feat Tony Touch and Goblin - "Uh Huh" are the two tracks off the mixtape. The Beatnuts new album is approaching, make sure you pick it up August 31st at your nearest record store. Thanks to Shadow and Kaliki for posting this news in the forums.
[Click on the image to the right for a larger picture]
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June 23rd, 2004

I had to switch to a new forums service. The old forums are still available here, but are being closed August 1st, 2004. I think the new forums are much better check them out by clicking on the forums link to the left, or by clicking here

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June 18th, 2004

Beatnuts will be featured on the Triple Seis debut album "Time' ll Tell" scheduled to be released July 20th, 2004.(Thanks to Kaliki in the forums for the heads up) The Nuts will also be featured on Masta Ace's new album, "The Long Hot Summer" which will be released August 3rd, 2004. Also listen for the Beatnuts beat featured on Q-Unique solo album in August. 1 Tour date to post:
24 June - Hamburg, Germany @ Phonodrome
Tickets available HERE

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June 10th, 2004

The Beatnuts track from Milk Me entitled "Confused Rapper" disses J.Lo for stealing the beat from "Watch Out Now".
"you know you haven?t been to the block for a minute
getting all the little Latin girls to bite
when you really can?t sing and your no Salma Hayek


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June 5th, 2004

Thanks to a post in the forums here is the tracklisting for the Beatnuts upcoming album, "Milk Me".

01. Intro
02. Hot f/Greg Nice (production by Beatnuts)
03. Buggin f/Prince Whipper Whip (production by Beatnuts)
04. Madness (production by Beatnuts)
05. Uh Huh f/Tony Touch & Gab Gotcha (production by Beatnuts)
06. Find Us (In The Back Of The Club) f/Akon (production by Beatnuts)
07. U Nahmsayin f/Freeway (production by Beatnuts)
08. We Don't Give A Funk (production by Beatnuts)
09. Down f/Milano (production by Beatnuts)
10. Confused Rappers f/Rahzel (production by Beatnuts)
11. Whistle (production by Beatnuts)
12. We Getting Paper f/Triple Seis & Colion (production by Beatnuts)
13. All Night f/Chris Chandler (production by Beatnuts)
14. It's Nothing f/A.G. and Gab Gotcha (production by Beatnuts)
15. Interlude
16. Freak Off f/Chris Chandler (production by Beatnuts)
17. Asshole (production by Beatnuts)
18. Milk Me Interlude

****Danuts.com Exclusive*** I've added a 50 second sample of the track U Nahmsayin featuring Freeway. You can download it by clicking here. Enjoy the preview. Will throw up a new Poll shortly...

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May 24th, 2004

The Beatnuts - Scandinavian tour 2004

27 may - Oslo, Norway @ Fabrikken

28 may - Gothenburg, Sweden @ Fatmilk

29 may - Lund, Sweden @ Quality

30 may - Stockholm, Sweden @ Technics Swedish DJ Championship 2004 - www.djsm.se


11 June - Brooklyn, New York @ South Paw

Also the offical release date for The Beatnuts new album "Milk Me" on Penalty / Ryko is August 31st 2004. Album includes guest appearances by: Greg Nice, AG, Rahzel, Freeway, Akon, Big Daddy Kane, Tony Touch, Gab Goblin, Chris Chandler, and Prince Whipper Whip. "Find Us" featuring Akon will be out soon...Check out the forums for those who haven't to interact with other Beatnuts fans and get new info.

Click on the Image to the right to view 3 larger size posters for the Beatnuts tour.

beatnuts tour poster
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April 12th, 2004

The Beatnuts have a new single out entitled, "Hot" featuring Greg N.I.C.E. The track is deffinetly hot. I have made a 1 minute 15 second sample mp3 for you to download exsclusivley here at danuts.com. Click Here To Download The Sample. After previewing the track rate it in the poll on the left hand side.
Penalty Records has finally announced the release date of June 29th, for the Beatnuts anticipated new album, Milk Me. Get ready everyone it's coming soon...

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April 5th, 2004

Not too much new news. I'm still updating slowly, added a new poll, vote for the best track! Something new coming this weekend keep on the look out.

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March 17th, 2004

les on the mic from djhonda.com You can view a snippet of Psycho Les spitting on DJ Honda's XML Radio Show at djhonda.com. Brief info says Psycho Les is working with DJ Honda on a new album, however couldn't find a release date. Still no new information on "Milk Me". Thanks to Eric for emailing me with this info.
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March 16th, 2004

I recently purchased the Soulive, Turn It Out Remix that was released in October of last year. The whole album is hot, but especially the track the nuts are on, Steppin' Remix. This weekend I'll put up a one minute MP3 sample for download for those who haven't coped the album. Hopefully after listening you will. In other news Psycho Les of The Beatnuts is the newest rapper to lend a voice to Chino XL's upcoming release "Poison Pen". Les will be featured on a yet untitled track produced by Fantom of the Beat (credits include "Magic Stick", Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck). The Beatnuts are on the production roster for the Horsemen group, which consists of Rass Kass, Killah Priest, Kurupt, Chino XL, Canibus, Rakim, Pharaohe Monche and other guests. Producers include, Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind, The Beatnuts, and others. Thanks to Kareem for posting this in the forums.


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February 25th, 2004

Four Beatnuts tour dates announced for March. However, they all take place in Austalia. So for all of you in that region who will be able to attend, I envy you. It's Beat Fest 2004. It will be featuring Beatnuts, DJ Craze, J Majik, Roc Raida & local support. The dates are as follows:
Sunday 14th march, 2004 - Adelaide - TBC
Thursday 18th march, 2004 ? Sydney
Friday 19th march, 2004 ? Perth
Saturday 20th march, 2004 ? Melbourne
For more information about Beat Fest 2004 check out the source below.

SOURCE: Spraci

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February 5th, 2004

First new post of the year, but without much new information. Results from the last poll about the Beatnuts move to Penalty showed that about 80% of you agree with the Nuts move. I put up a new poll, so check it out. Will update as more info is leaked about the Beatnuts new album.

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December 21st, 2003

The Beatnuts new album, "Milk Me" which was tentatively scheduled for a May 2004 release date, is now expected to be released sometime in April of 2004. While it isn't much, it's a month earlier which is great in my books. I'll keep ya updated on info for this album. I may be able to put up a sample of all the tracks a month before the album is released, but will keep ya posted. Peace.
SOURCE: HipHopSite.com

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December 9th, 2003

Just to clear things up I wanted to let you know what All City is. I'll be honest i wasn't sure till I looked into it. All City is a radio show that airs Saturdays 11-1 am on London's 104.9 XFM, Channel 864 Sky Digital & D.A.B. or www.xfm.co.uk. It airs the best of hiphop venues across London. Sorry for the lack of clarity in the December 8th post.

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December 8th, 2003

Some brand new exciting news. The Beatnuts signed a new album deal. The Beatnuts will release a brand new studio album May 2004 tentatively titled 'Milk Me'. Listen out for the Beatnuts on All City in the coming weeks playing some exclusive new tracks. As more info is leaked I will post. Enjoy this tidbit.
Source: XFM

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November 30th, 2003

Yet another tour date for the Beatnuts. www.CEDE.ch presents, "SILVESTER HIP HOP & R'N'B JAM featuring, The Beatnuts, Fat Man Scoop, Rahzel, DJ Cut Killer, Daddy K, Black Tiger, and many, many more! This all takes place December 31st at Sulzerareal in Winterthur Switzerland. This is going to be incredible event and I am very jealous because of the fact I can't attend. Tickets will be going on sale December 1st. There will be breakdancing, pyroshows, and 15 bars to satisfy your thirst for the last day of the year.
[Click on the picture to the right to view a larger pic]
SOURCE: Silvester Hip Hop & R'N'B Jam
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November 10th, 2003

tour picture Beatnuts are on tour! As posted in the forums for those who don't frequent. As part of their European tour 2003, Lifeform Recordings present The Beatnuts, supported by the UKs freshest Hip Hop act Broke 'n' English. Thursday 27th November at Manchester Metropolitan Students Union, UK. Tickets on sale now at Piccadilly Box Office +44 0161 832 1111 or from the students union 0161 247 1162. Tickets selling fast. In other news, on Jay Z's new album, "The Black Album" you can hear the sampling of the Nuts Simple Murder Vision Remix on track 3, entitled What More Can I Say. Thanks to Shadow in the forums for pointing this out to me.
[Click on the image to the left to view a larger picture.]
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November 6th, 2003

Sorry for the website downtime for the past couple of days. I have since resolved the problem, and the site should be up and running smoothly now.

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November 2nd, 2003

A bunch of new news/updates today. First off new news about the Beatnut's record label, and new cd. From hiphopdx.com,

'After leaving longtime their long time label (Relativity) after Take It or Squeeze It in 2001, The Beatnuts took the indy route for The Originators and released it with Landspeed. The Queens duo is looking to make some moves again and signed with Penalty Recordings, the one time indy powerhouse.

I watched their career develop on Relativity and Loud Records and I became a huge fan, CEO Neil Levine said. The Beatnuts are career artists who produce, rap and tour; they are timeless and can make hit records. This is the perfect artist to re-launch the Penalty brand.

With their undeniably catchy yet gully style, The Beatnuts have had some sure shot hits in Off The Books and Watch Out Now, but have never gotten the promotion necessary to take them to the next level or stardom. Be on the lookout for the 7th album on Penalty, hopefully within the next year.'

Major props to peeps who check my website out and gave me wind of this news via forums, and email. I've got a new email address for the site. It is danuts@gmail.com. Also if you would like to be informed when the website is updated, I now have an option for ya. If you email w/ your email address i'll email ya whenever the page is updated. I also added a link to download the FULL Beatnuts music video for "Do You Believe" in the Media Section of the site. Props to Kareem in the forums for posting the site. Also added a new poll, check it out.

SOURCE: HipHopdx

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October 30th, 2003

Beatnuts feat. Al Tariq b/w Jurassic 5 (DJ Babu Presents) - 'Duck Season b/w Ducky Boy' is the 3rd best seller for October 2003. The vinyl ranked third in sales on UGHH's online store. I would reccomend buying this vinyl if you haven't already, it is a great one. If you haven't heard it at all yet check out a sample in the Media page. And yes unfortunately the banner ads you see on all the pages are here to stay. My provider no longer gives you the option to remove them. Sorry, if I had the cash flow i'd fix it. R.I.P. "AD Free Webpage" .

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October 14th, 2003

As of October 6th, Soulive's Turn It Out Remixed has been out. I haven't got a chance to listen to the track with the Nut's on it, but hope to soon. Not much else is happening with the Nuts currently. Will update as new info comes in. Peace.

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September 25th, 2003

Soulive Album Art Soulive is releasing a remix to their masterwork, "Turn it Out", which was released in 1999. All the tracks are flipped, and reworked to give a hot new vibe. Of the many producers on the album are the Beatnuts lending their style to the track "Steppin'". The rest of the album includes Eric Krasno, Neal Evans, Alan Evans, Akil & Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), Meshell Ndegeocello, J-Live, Wordsworth, Ekene, Shuman, DJ Spinna, DJ Krush, Adam Deitch, Mister Rourke, Tycoon, Dub Fader & more. It is released on October 6th. Pre-Order your copy here.
[Click on the Image to the left for a larger pic]
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September 4th, 2003

Jurassic 5 has recently re-acquired the right to release vinyls. They will be releasing through Up Above Records & Entertainment. The Beatnuts are featured on a late August single with Jurassic 5, from their album, "Power in Numbers". The vinyl features on SIDE A: "Freedom", and on SIDE B: "One of Them" producded by and featuring the Beatnuts. I have put up a .mp3 sampler(1:16) of the track "One of Them" that you can download in the Media section or here. Jay Dee, Geology, Talib Kweli, Sadat X, Tony Touch, Diamond D, The Beatnuts, Kool G. Rap, Dilated Peoples, Jurassic 5, Visionaries, DJ Spinna, Beat Junkies and more will be on Manhattan Records Exclusives compilation, coming out soon...
[Click on the image for a larger pic.]
SOURCE: Up Above Records
album art
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September 2nd, 2003

cover art Ju Ju guests on a new hot track with Bloody Moon. The aggressive track is titled, "Punch You in the Face". The beat is over a Grandmaster Flash beat. From the sample it sounds like a nice track. Check in the media section for the free sample. * Props to Shadowboxer in the forums for letting me know about this track.

[Click on the image for a larger pic]

* For those of you who have been experiencing this message when trying to visit my site: "Temporarily Unavailable"

The Angelfire site you are trying to reach has been temporarily suspended due to excessive bandwidth consumption.

The site will be available again in approximately 1 hours!"

There is no need to worry, possibly going to be upgrading the website shortly. There isn't too much new news, but if you found something that you find interesting and want to share about the nuts, hit me up with the source, and any other info, or just post it in the forums and I will get it up on the site. Thanks for everyones patience while the website is fixed. Peace.

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August 17th, 2003

Sorry for the lack of updates, not much new news to announce. However, the Beatnuts will be preforming live Saturday, August 23rd in the San Fransisco area. If you are lucky enough to live around there pick up some tickets for ClockWork's 5th annual Atlantis. For more info check out this link and this link.

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July 21st, 2003

Mareko's cd "White Sunday" was released Friday July 18th. The Beatnuts helped produce this album, and also guest in one of the tracks on the album. I have not yet heard the cd, but i am sure it is worth coping. Also taken from Mad-Eyes, a fan-site dedicated to Madonna, the nuts may have helped to do some remixing on her single "Hollywood". The qoute taken from the site stated: "On her latest single Hollywood she's again brought in some cutting edge Dance artists to work their magic for the remix duties - including Oakenfold and The Beatnuts." [ Click on the pic to the right to view a larger pic ] Beatnuts help produce Mareko's new album
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July 18th, 2003

I added the lyrics to "Dude Descending A Staircase" in the lyrics section under singles/misc. No other new news.

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July 14th, 2003

I added a clip of the audio to "Dude Descending A Staircase(described below), and added a video clip from the music video. All of which are in the media section. Enjoy.

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July 9th, 2003

Apollo 440 and the Beatnuts Dude Descending A Staircase Album Art I got to hear Apollo 440's new single "Dude Descending a Staircase" about a week ago. It was released June 9th and features the Beatnuts. For those who don't know Apollo 440 they are an electrical/dance/funk group. The Beatnuts Lyrics are nice, def worth checking out. I'll see if i can't get a clip up in the media section soon. To learn more bout Apollo 440 check out their website. [Click on the links underneath the picture for a larger pic] Also I don't know if everyone had the same problem I did, but the Media page wouldn't load, I just realized this, don't know how long it's been going on. So I looked and looked and found I had put a ! where it wasn't supposed to be. So now once again the Media page is up and running for those who may have missed checkin' it out. Peace.
Pic 1 Pic 2
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July 6th, 2003

The results of the newest poll are in and from the looks of it, either you never heard the track, or you thought it was off the chain. A few people were in the middle, not a bad track, remix is hot though on the vinyl. If you don't have this album you can get it at undergroundhiphop.com I got the link at the bottom of this page. Check out this month's new poll. Link still isn't working under July 2nd's update so just gonna have to use the link under July 3rd for the time being to read the beef.

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July 3rd, 2003

The full story link from July 2nd appears to not work anymore. On the website it claims to take you to the Beatnuts cover story, but instead takes you to some story about billy... I found the bulk of what is said in another forum, so in order to read it just click on THIS LINK. I'll let you know if the other link ever starts to work again. Thanks for posting in the forums that it didn't work, otherwise I wouldn't have known. Peace.

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July 2nd, 2003

Beatnuts on the cover of NOW magazine The Beatnuts were featured on the cover of NOW magazine for the week of June 19 - June 25th 2003, which is an independent weekly magazine in Toronto. Inside is a full story with a little bit about the nuts, some questions, and some controversy. Click Here for the Full Story. [Also you can click on the picture to the left to see the full cover.]

SOURCE: Now Toronto

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June 13th, 2003

Not much new news to be added. Junkyard Music, the Nuts new record label, website is still not up. Still looking for reviews for the Beatnuts albums, and also any new ideas for the website, you can either post them in the forums or hit me up at AaronJG880@Hotmail.com. Peace.

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May 12th, 2003

The Beatnuts have released a new LP entitled "Beatnuts Collection". This album has 31 tracks that the Beatnuts sampled. Includes the likes of Donald Byrd, Melvin Van Peebles, Electric Prunes, Dizzy Gillespie, Galt MacDermot, Bill Doggett, Jacques Loussier, Blowfly, Hugo Montenegro, and Enoch Light. Now you know where the Beatnuts get their ideas for their tracks, I haven't heard the album but did preview 5 tracks. It seems like good album, someone from the forums posted the album and said that he found it good as well. Pick yourself up a copy! [Click on the image to the right to see a larger picture] picture
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May 6th, 2003

Take it or Squeeze it Album Art The results for the most recent survey are in. According to those who voted, "Take It or Squeeze It" was the best Nuts album released this far. "Musical Massacre" came in second while "Stone Crazy" and "Intoxicated Demons" followed closely behind. Check out and vote for this months new survery.
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May 5th, 2003

Sorry for the lack of updates. Not too much new happening w/ the Nuts, or my page. Also finals week is coming up, so I need to do that S word....how does that go? Ahh yes study.

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April 8th, 2003

For those who don't read the forums, the Beatnuts show in Poland was canceled due to the war with Iraq. This all sucks. The nuts say in this clip that they will try to come back in a month or two. Here is an audio clip of the Beatnuts commenting on their cancelation.

[Click Here to download the audio clip.]

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March 28th, 2003

The Beatnuts new independent record label is called Junkyard Music. Read the interview posted in the information section.


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March 18th, 2003

Psycho Les and Juju
In a recent interview the Beatnuts said that they were disastisfied with Landspeed-Records. They said that Landspeed wasn't really helping promote their new album, "The Originators". The Nuts said that they plan to leave Landspeed-Records and go strictly independent. Also both Les, and Juju have solo projects going on. I also added this interview in the Information section.

SOURCE: AllHipHop.com

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March 16th, 2003

2 reviews added, one for The Originators, and one for The Beatnuts LP.

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March 11th, 2003

Added the lyrics to the new single, "Simple Murder". It's under the new section in the lyrics called singles/misc. I also added the lyrics to "Fluids", "40 oz.", and "Party" in this same section. simple murder album cover art
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March 10th, 2003

Madd Props to Shadowboxer for making the new icons for the homepage, they look hot. Meet new Beatnuts fans in the Forums. Check it out.

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March 6th, 2003

originators album art If anyone is interested in writing reviews for any of the Beatnuts albums, I would appreciate it. I wrote one for the nuts album, The Originators. If you notice in the left row if you scroll down you see pictures of all of the albums. Eventually you will be able to click on all of them and read reviews about the albums, but first I need people to submit them so I can post them, currently The Originators album has 1 review.
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March 3rd, 2003

Problems with my website are being resolved, everything should be back to normal soon.

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March 2nd, 2003

Getting many reports that the site is acting funny. Does the same for me, webpage my take a long time to load, and all of the pictures may not show, i am currently trying to resolve this problem, thanks for all of your input. Don't forget to pick up the nuts new single, "Simple Murder", and check out the Forums section.

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February 28th, 2003

I previously didn't mention, that on the nuts new single vinyl, "Simple Murder" there is a bonus beat on side b, made by the nuts, i can't wait to hear it...

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February 28th, 2003

Alright new stuff added to the page, I wanted to make the webpage more interactive, so all the nuts fans could communicate with one another. So I am introducing the FORUMS section. Click on the link on the left, or on the sidebar and leave messages in the message boards. Could be anything; fave songs, tour dates, news, whatever, come check it out, i think it is a great addition, to an already great Beatnuts site. I'm out.

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February 25th, 2003

The Nuts new single, "Simple Muder" is released today! And with the release of the new single, I released V. 2.0 of the Beatnuts Unoffical Fan Page, www.danuts.com. Vote on the poll in the left column and tell me what you think. Everything might not work perfect, but it will within a couple of hours. If you find anything that doesn't work just contact me and let me know, but i think everything is good to go. Enjoy the new look.

At Sandbox Automatic you can purchase the Nuts new single, which includes "Simple Murder and the remix. You can also listen to a 45 second clip at the site too. Just click here and scroll down to the Beatnuts "Simple Murder/Vision Remix". You must have the Real Player in order to listen to the clips. Enjoy the taste.

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February 22nd, 2003

Simple Murder Album Art !!Latest Beatnuts newz!! The Nuts long awaited single, "Simple Murder" will be availible this upcoming Tuesday, February 25th. It will be availible on a 12" Vinyl. If you can get ahold of a copy deffinetly do so. It will appear along w/ many other exclusive tracks on a cd coming out this summer from Up Above Records & Entertainment.
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February 21st, 2003

The newer looking Beatnuts Fan Page is underway and nearing completion. I need some of you out there to send me reviews of any one of the beatnuts albums, to post in a new section on the website. Just send me the reviews of any one of their cds. Thanks. Peace.

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February 20th, 2003

Added a the track, "Back to Back" to the lyrics section. I am in the process of creating a new looking homepage. Basically I wanna get rid of the annoying frames. It should change within the next week or so.

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February 18th, 2003

tour photo The Beatnuts are on tour in Europe. Here is a poster advertisement for their concert in Poland. Sorry I can't understand anything but the date March 21st, and the time 5 'o'clock. Click on the pic to view a larger version. Props to ukasz for sending me the pic.
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February 14th, 2003

Any guy out there with a girl, better remember todays date(how could you not with her remindin ya?) Today is V-day for all who don't know, get that girl something nice, or just do something nice for her. Be prepared for a new section in the lyrics area. I will have a Miscelaneous section soon that contains songs not on any Nuts album such as the Nuts as a guest in a track, or tracks by the nuts from collabarations. Look for this section to be up in March, under the lyrics section.

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February 6th, 2003

After a long break I am back to maintaining the website. I will make sure to keep you updated on the latest news. The lyrics to The Originators is nearly completed. I'll keep ya updated.

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January 17th, 2003

Added two new tracks off the album, The Originators to the lyrics section. The tracks, Ya Betta Believe It, and Routine were added. Only 5 more tracks to do before all of the albums in the lyrics section are complete. Also added the track Bionic off the same album. 4 more tracks to go.

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January 4th, 2003

originators album I've added the track "Bring The Funk Back", from the Originators album. There are still 7 tracks to go, 1/2 way done...It's a new year time for new stuff?? Maybe...check in late January.
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December 31st, 2002

Holidays are coming to the end, but make them go out with a bang tonight by bumping some Beatnuts at the party you go to tonight, after all the nuts is the classical shit, you gotta have it at the party, the battery pack to start moving everybody!

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December 9th, 2002

Sorry for lack of updates...reason being 2 words-->Finals Week!

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December 4th, 2002

Want ringtones for your cellphone? Here is a website to download free ringtones for Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, and Siemens. Totally free, as long as you limit your downloads during peak time(3pm-6am) to 1 per 30 minutes. You can even get the Beatnuts - Watch Out Now ringtone. Check it out. 2thumbs download beatnuts ringtones
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November 30th, 2002

I've added a new feature to the website. It is called TOTW(Track of the Week). They are tracks submitted by you. They will be posted each week. The TOTW will always be located right above the NEWZ section. If you would like to submit a TOTW, e-mail me and include your first name, track title, and album that it is from.

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November 28th, 2002

The Beatnuts newest CD, "The Originators" is up now in the lyrics. It is not completely finished but i have added 4 songs to its lyrics section. The lyrics for this CD should be done before December 14th. Busy time right now, but I am finding time to get it done. So check it out.

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November 23rd, 2002

I've added a new video to the media section. It is The Beatnuts performance on the Jenny Jones show. It is avalible in QuickTime, and Windows Media Player formats. The interview with Jenny Jones and the Beatnuts is located in the 'Information' section if your interested...

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November 21st, 2002

thespotremix I have added 8 new tracks for lyrics to "The Spot Remix", therefore finishing the album. I only have to do the Beatnuts new album and the lyrics section will be finished.
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November 20th, 2002

musical Massacre I have completed the lyrics for the Musical Massacre album.
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November 19th, 2002

The media section was down for a little now, but I have it back up and running again, sorry for any inconvienence. In the media section you will find audio and video for the Beatnuts. I also started to put all of the old news into another section of the page, because it was getting too long. To see the old newz Click Here or scroll down to the end of the news and click on the link.

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November 14th, 2002

I have been procrastinating with finishing the lyrics but I did 4 new songs today from the Musical massacre ablum. Only 2 more tracks to go. I will try to do one a day and finish these up. Especially the Nuts new album The Originators. I wanna have the lyrics section completely done by 2003. Check out the lyrics section, I have put hours and hours into listening and writing the lyrics. That is all of the new news for now.

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November 5th, 2002

Haven't had time to update the site recently. I am still working on lyrics, and the nuts new album will have the lyrics up some time in the near future. In other news~ if you are bored then I got something for you. I am working on a test your knowledge of the Beatnuts quiz. It is in the works and you can then see how much you really know about the Beatnuts.

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October 31st, 2002

Today is Halloween in case all y'all didn't know. I have finished the review for the new Nuts album, The Originators. No other new news. Keep cecking back for the latest Beatnuts news.

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October 30th, 2002

Haven't updated much because of lack of time but i have found the website for Landspeed Records, The Beatnuts new record label. Click on the link to check it out. Beatnuts new album review should be up within the week.

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October 23rd, 2002

The new Beatnuts album is finally released. If you haven't picked up a copy yet, i reccomend you do as soon as possible. In short time I will have a review of the new nuts album, "The Originators"...

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October 21st, 2002

Check out the discography section of the page, I have the Beatnuts new album with it's track listing!!! The Classic Nuts, and Take It or Squeeze It albums lyrics are finally finished. Musical Massacre is almost completed...

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October 20th, 2002

New UPDATES!! This website is now offically www.DaNuts.com. I have also completed the media section of this website. Here you can download music videos and listen to the Beatnuts. I reccomend you check it out. I will update the videos and audio as I collect more. Enjoy the new option and have fun with the website.

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October 17th, 2002

I am currently working on a media page. This page will contain downloadable audio and music videos of the Beatnuts. Look for it coming soon...

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October 16th, 2002

I have some new news on The Originators the Beatnuts new album. From VH1 there are now two more tentative track titles to announce, they are Buying Out The Bar and Originate featuring Large Professor. Keep checking back for new updates on the latest Nuts news...

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October 10th, 2002

New news on the Beatnuts new album! I have info on a single off of their newest album. The song is called, "Work That Pole". This song also features Tony Touch. If you have a Real Player you can listen to the song at Underground Hiphop. Check it out this song is hot! Keeping you updated to the latest Nut news, I'm out.

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October 8th, 2002

The Stone Crazy album in almost completed. I am working on them whenever possible, it is quite a task! As far as I know now, the Beatnuts new album is still being released on October 22nd, but the album name is now, The Originators. No other new news on the album. But I will keep you updated.

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October 3rd, 2002

I have the Beatnuts LP and Intoxicated Demons albums lyrics all done. Whew! This takes awhile, I have four more albums to do, check back frequently for updates...

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September 25th, 2002

originators New news on the new Beatnuts album. The album cover is pictured to the left, you saw it here first. Also the Beatnuts new album is under a new record label called: Landspeed Records. I haven't been able to locate a website, but when I do I will post it up on the site. Guests on the album that I am aware of now are: Mob Deep M.O.P., and Tony Touch. The Intoxicated Demons album has all of the lyrics up..5 albums to go! Check it out under my lyrics section.
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September 23rd, 2002

A new section called "LYRICS", has been added to the website. Here you will be able to access all of the beatnuts tracks and learn the lyrics to their songs. Still working on it but will be done before too long....

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September 19th, 2002

The Information section is finally up and running after what a year now?? Everything works and so far no new info on the Beatnuts new CD, "Ya Betta Believe It". Any comments E-mail me...

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September 17th, 2002

New Beatnuts CD is heading our way! After a long wait The Beatnuts are releasing a new CD. We all have been anticipating this momment since the release of their last album, "Take It or Squeeze It". We got a little tease with 3 new songs, two off of the "Classic Nuts Volume 1", and one off of DJ Babu's "Duck Season". The new album is entitled "Ya Betta Believe It". The expected release date is October 22nd. Pre-order your copy now! I will give more information about the cd, when more info is given.

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September 4th, 2002

The Beatnuts have a new track out right now entitled "Duck Season". The song is off DJ Babu the Dialated Junky's New album, "Duck Season Volume 1". I know for a fact that the entire ablum is good cuz i picked a copy up myself. I reccomend you go out and buy it if you don't already have it.

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March 2nd, 2002

The Beatnuts have released another album. It is entitled Clssic Nuts Volume 1. This album has 12 tracks. 10 of the tracks are hot beats from their previous cd's such as Watch Out Now, Off The Books, and Beatnuts Forever. There are 2 new tracks on this album entitled, However Whenever(You Want It) and We Got The Funk. Don't miss out on purchasing this new album!

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July 4th, 2001

The site has been updated! There is now an easier site navigator located at the bottom of this page. Just select the location and click and you will be on your way to that section of the page. There is also now a newsletter section of the page. Click on that link to view all of the beatnuts newsletters from their site in case you have missed any. If you already aren't signed up to receive them go to the beatnuts offical site and do so now!

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June 26th, 2001

Take it or Squeeze It Welcome to my new site. I have just started this web page and will be updating it more in the near future. The Beatnuts new album is finally released. After a long few years their new album is finally completed and avalible to buy. The album is entitled "Take It Or Squeeze It". It features 14 tracks including a remix of the spanish/english rap from their last album called Se Acabo. It has an icredible mix of others rapping with the Beatnuts, including Fatman Scoop, Tony Touch, Greg Nice, and Al Tariq (the former Beatnut who has started rapping under his own name) just to name a few of the amazing artists found on this album. This CD is one of their best yet. There are so many beats to listen to that it is well worth the $ to buy it, and I highly reccomend it. So buy it!
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